Classic fried chicken at Hershey’s Restaurant & Bar. Photo by Stacy Zarin-Goldberg.

Editors' Pick

Best Old-Fashioned Fried Chicken

Hershey’s Restaurant & Bar

Hershey’s Restaurant & Bar seems out of another time—and it is. Housed in a clapboard building constructed in 1889, it was bought in 1952 by the Hershey family, who sold “Grandma’s Fried Chicken” out of their general store and carryout. The Hersheys closed the store and opened the restaurant in 1969, and Bethesda-raised Lisa Gorman bought it 11 years ago. While grandma isn’t in the kitchen anymore, the fried chicken tastes like it was made by an aproned elder. Marinated poultry parts emerge from their hot oil bath moist inside and with a light, lacy coating—we guarantee you’ll be nibbling off every crunchy bit stuck to the bones. Besides the fab fried chicken, Hershey’s serves up warm rolls, inexpensive prices and live music.

Hershey’s Restaurant & Bar, 17030 Oakmont Ave., Gaithersburg; (301) 948-9893;