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Most Anticipated Restaurant Opening in 2015

Peter Chang’s in Maryland

If you’re not familiar with the adventures of elusive Peter Chang, the Internet is packed with stories about the former Chinese Embassy chef who has inspired a cult following (they’re called “Changians”). A native of China’s Hubei province, Chang has attracted attention not only for his remarkable Szechuan food, but for his history of disappearing mysteriously and resurfacing at restaurants in Northern Virginia and the Southeast. Though he still runs a few restaurants in Virginia, the first Peter Chang’s in Maryland is scheduled to open in Rockville Town Square in early 2015. In the midst of all the chain restaurants coming to our area, the Harry Houdini of Hubei will be a unique and quirky diversion, serving intriguing cuisine to boot. And while we’re not Changians (yet), we’re thrilled that he selected Montgomery County for his newest foray, and suspect it will solidify Rockville as the metropolitan area’s most vibrant locale for serious Chinese cuisine.