Editors' Pick

Best Environmentally Conscious Architects

Meditch Murphey

Some architecture firms specialize in high-design, modern homes; others focus on green, sustainable buildings. Meditch Murphey Architects excels at both.

Founded in 2002 by the husband-and-wife team of John Murphey and Marcie Meditch, MMA designs homes that incorporate solar panels, recycled-content materials and high-efficiency mechanical systems. But its projects are far from granola crunchy, winning praise from Custom Home magazine, McGraw Hill Construction and the Northern Virginia AIA.

“We feel that green building is just one component of good architecture,” Murphey says. “So we see to it that sustainability is addressed and integrated into the design, but then move into other areas like how does this building work, look and feel.”

Murphey and Meditch don’t just talk the talk—they live it. They recently built their own über-green home in Chevy Chase.

4002 Underwood St., Chevy Chase, 301-657-9400, meditchmurphey.com