Editors' Pick

Best Children’s Photographer

Yellowhale Photography

Kyung Jung, owner of Yellowhale Photography, captures more than a child’s smile in her portraits. She finds the thoughtful or silly aspects of a personality that often only a parent sees.

Kyung started Yellowhale nearly a decade ago after the first of her two sons was born. At the time, she felt as many new mothers do—that none of the professional photos she sent to relatives (who were living in South Korea and unable to visit often) caught the essence of her child. So Kyung got serious about professional photography, acquiring top-notch equipment and training, and soon she was being hired to take photos for others. To date, she has snapped memories for about 500 local clients.

Today, she shoots individual or family portraits in Yellowhale’s immaculate white studio in Potomac, outdoors or at a client’s home. Kyung also will work with clients to design and display the portraits, in some cases even coming to their homes to hang them. Rates start at $250 per sitting.

Yellowhale Photography, 10130 Falls Road, Potomac, 202-870-6773, www.yellowhale.com