Editors' Pick

Orthopedic Surgeon for Runners

Dr. Dan Pereles

Dr. Dan Pereles’ exam room walls are plastered with sports-medicine articles he has written as a medical consultant to Runner’s World, along with photos of him participating in local triathlons and marathons. Runners don’t need to read up on the Kensington orthopedist, though, to know that Pereles is the one to see when they have a problem. Patients are likely to leave an appointment not only with a treatment plan for their injury, but with an amended training regimen to allow them to stay on track for an upcoming race.

All of that, plus a quirky, high-energy personality, has earned Pereles—a Winston Churchill High School alum who attended the University of Pennsylvania for undergrad and med school—a cultlike following among recreational athletes. They know he’s as eager to see them get back to their regular activities as they are.

Montgomery Orthopaedics, 10400 Connecticut Ave., Kensington, 301-949-8100, www.montgomeryorthopaedics.com