Editors' Pick

Best Restroom Break


If the food weren’t such a major draw, you might be tempted to linger in the lovely restrooms at Range, the Friendship Heights restaurant opened by former Top Chef finalist Bryan Voltaggio last year. They feature sliding-glass doors at the entry, subdued lighting and a hushed atmosphere. You’d think you were entering a serene spa—although here the individual dark-wood doors provide privacy for toilets rather than massage tables. Crackled, graphite-colored bubble tiles line the walls, with a center band of small, silvery glass mosaic. Sunken, clear glass sinks, marble-edge mirrors and a drop ceiling add to the soothing environment. And en route to the restrooms, you can admire the restaurant’s decoratively stored and extensive selection of bottled wines.

5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 201 (inside Chevy Chase Pavilion), 202-803-8020, www.voltrange.com