Editors' Pick

Best Author to Inspire

Mark Shriver (A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver)

After Sargent Shriver died in January 2011, Bethesda’s Mark Shriver often heard what a “good man” his famous father was. So Shriver, 48, wrote a book exploring what he calls “the riddle of my father,” published by Henry Holt and Co. in 2012. “A lot of great people aren’t good,” Shriver explains. “Once the cameras are off, they don’t speak to waitresses the same way they speak to senators, like my father did.” Well known for his humanitarian work, Sargent Shriver was the founding director of the Peace Corps under President John F. Kennedy and promoted President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” through initiatives such as Head Start and the Job Corps.

“He accomplished things on a global stage and balanced it with his 56-year marriage to my mother [Eunice Kennedy Shriver], raising a family, and his dedication to his faith,” Mark Shriver says. “And he did it all with joy and exuberance.”