Editors' Pick

Best Prom Proposal

What does it take to ask someone to the high school prom these days? How about 60 high school students, each carrying a flower and wearing a hot pink T-shirt with a hand-painted proposal on it? That brilliant idea by a Winston Churchill High School student gets our vote for the most inventive proposal this past year. The boy’s pink-attired friends trooped one by one into the prospective date’s class and handed her their flowers. Then the boy presented the final flower as he asked the girl to the dance. (A friend caught it all on video, naturally.)

Over the top? Maybe. But that episode proves that Bethesda-area students are just as creative as their peers nationwide when it comes to devising prom proposals.

Baked goods that spell out proposals have been hot in previous years. Music helps hit the right note, too. One student at Kensington’s Albert Einstein High School organized a flash mob that danced to a rap song he’d written for a girl. A student at Silver Spring’s Montgomery Blair High School had the school’s a cappella group serenade his date-to-be with the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Then there was the Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School student who thought pyrotechnics were a good idea. But we won’t go into that one.