Editors' Pick

Best Bedside Manner – Kids

Dr. Howard Bennett

Being able to quickly earn a child’s trust is a talent—and in that respect, Dr. Howard Bennett is a star. The Chevy Chase, D.C., pediatrician—who also writes books, articles for the KidsPost section of The Washington Post and a column for Jack and Jill magazine—routinely greets young patients with jokes, riddles or his “favorite gross stories,” instantly putting them at ease. “Because kids are sometimes afraid to see the doctor, one way to make visits less stressful is to talk about pee, poop and other gross stuff,” he writes on his website.

The “parents who see me understand that being gross makes visits more fun for their children.” The approach works like a charm. “My three boys love him!” one Chevy Chase mom says. “He really knows his audience.”

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