Nourish Now

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Nourish Now ( is a food recovery-based nonprofit that strives to eliminate hunger for families and children in need. Food is recovered from local grocery stores, farms, restaurants and caterers. Through the Families First program, the organization provides a five-day supply of food for 40 families daily. Satellite food distribution targets the most vulnerable neighborhoods using food insecurity data. The S.N.A.C.K. Initiative provides healthy snacks for students in school and at after-school programs. During summer, Nourish Now collaborates with camps for underserved youths to supply healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

Headquartered: Rockville

Serves: Montgomery County

What a donation buys:
• $250 provides for the recovery of 5,000 meals from local caterers.
• $1,000 provides 60 families with a home-style Thanksgiving dinner.
• $7,500 provides more than 4,000 meals to be distributed free at summer camps.

Volunteer opportunities:
• One day: Process produce.
• One day: Repackage recovered meals.
• Internships