KID Museum

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KID Museum ( activates students to become “makers” who build agency, confidence and creative problem-solving skills. While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted its traditional programs, KID Museum moved quickly to design virtual offerings that introduce students to STEM and 21st-century skills in coding, design engineering and 3D modeling, preserving the museum’s signature inquiry- and exploration-based approach in a remote learning environment.

Headquartered: Bethesda

Serves: Metro region

What a donation buys:

• $100 provides educational supply kits and support materials for one child.
• $500 supports a semester of after-school programming for one child.
• $1,000 covers a two-part live-streamed learning experience for 25 children.

Volunteer opportunities:

• One day: Help with a special event.
• Ongoing: Provide support for marketing and general operations.
• Internships