Flying V

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Flying V (  is redefining theater, with the intent to invigorate and inspire people to live life with a greater sense of appreciation and adventure. Bridging the gap between pop culture and high culture, the organization is dedicated to the creation of vibrant original work, offbeat contemporary plays, and theatrical performance art inspired by genre fiction and other modern mythologies. Flying V’s work shines a light on the loneliness and isolation that so many feel, and creates a sense of connection and wonder for audiences.

Headquartered: Bethesda and Silver Spring

Serves: Metro region

What a donation buys:
• $600 sponsors one artist’s stipend for one production.
• $5,000 sponsors all performers for one production.
• $12,000 sponsors a part-time employee.

Volunteer opportunities:
• One day: Provide front of house assistance.
• Weekly: Provide office and fundraising support