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Where Bethesda-Area High School Grads Applied to College

Our look at the number of applicants and acceptances at more than 300 colleges

The Pursuit of Equity

In a county that is growing more racially and economically diverse, MCPS is facing the challenge of ensuring equal learning opportunities for all students

A Place to Play

At The Game Gym in Potomac, kids are learning the ins and outs of video games

Extraordinary Educators

Meet six local teachers who are making a difference

Top Teens

Meet the winners of Bethesda Magazine's 2018 Extraordinary Teen Awards

Finding Their Strength

Three years ago, a private jet crashed into Ken Gemmell's home in Gaithersburg, killing his wife and sons. Gemmell decided he wasn't going to let the tragedy destroy him or his daughter.

A Crowning Moment

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School's gender-neutral homecoming court made history

Political Journalist Jonathan Allen Releases New Book About Hillary

The Bethesda native now looks forward to some family time

Family Portrait: Meet the Redmonds

From tennis and basketball to running and soccer, the Bethesda family knows how to stay active

Meet the Thomases

Bethesda couple first kept relationship secret over parents' friendship

Family Portrait: Meet the Ateeks

College sweethearts live in Silver Spring with their son and daughter

Becoming a Foster Parent

When Karla and Jake Azachi signed up to be foster parents they didn't know two of the newborns they cared for would change their lives forever

Living in Your Childhood Home

Five Bethesda residents discuss moving back to the house where they grew up

Babies By the Numbers

The number of babies born in Montgomery County, the most popular names, average age of birth mothers and much more

Trial Pets

Borrowing an animal is a low-commitment stepping stone to owning one

The Mother-Daughter Book Club

What started as a way to spend more time with their daughters became a 10-year-long tradition

The Art of Teaching Special Needs Students

At Gaithersburg High School, a simple approach brought unexpected results

Fostering Her Spirit

When Sabrea Woodberry said she wanted to take part in a beauty pageant, her case workers did everything they could to make it happen

Beloved Teachers

How six educators are making their classrooms -- and their students -- better

Are Montgomery County Public Schools Still the Best?

Overcrowding and competing priorities pose serious challenges for school system

A Year in the Life of a High School Principal

We shadowed Whitman's Alan Goodwin for a year to find out what it's like to head one of the nation's top public schools

Sending a Kid Off to College

Our children's last year living at home before they head off to college is an emotional time for both them and us

Family Portrait: Meet the Conleys

Family of five lives in Kensington with two pygmy goats, two ducks and five chickens

When Your Child's Pet Dies

How do you help a kindergartner understand that she's going to lose the dog she's loved her whole life?

An Evening With an Overnight Newborn Care Specialist

Nighttime with a newborn is exhausting- unless a pro is there to help

Teaching Kids to Care

How do we teach kids to be kind, compassionate and generous?

Picky Eaters

Getting young kids to eat well

How Concussions Affect Students Academically

When student-athletes sustain a concussion, strict rules govern their return to play, but not their return to school.

Family Portrait: Meet the Krooths

Bethesda family moved here from New York City

The Mystery of PANDAS

Psychological disorder, associated with strep infections, turns children's lives upside down

Bring in the Parenting Experts

More and more people are turning to coaches and classes to learn how to be better parents

A Preschool Teacher With a Broad View

Davinia James teaches her students to be global citizens

Going to the Right College

Research shows that what really matters is not what college you attend, but what you do once you get there

A Special College Essay

A teen's college essay helps him heal after the death of his mother

The Pressure to Get Into College

High school students juggle college-level classes, sports and extracurricular activities--all in pursuit of getting into a top school. But at what cost?

Hometown: The Miracle Field

Germantown's Miracle Field is giving kids with special needs the chance to play baseball

How the Goffs Moved On

Potomac resident Irma Goff lost her husband and three daughters in one of the most horrific murder cases in Montgomery County history. After all the media coverage ended, she and her son, Scott, had to do something many people couldn't fathom: go on with their lives.

Figuratively Speaking: School Lunches by the Number

Every school day, thousands of Montgomery County students depend on Montgomery County Public Schools for their nutrition. It's an enormous undertaking. Here's a look at the MCPS food and nutrition program by the numbers.

Navigating the Local Eldercare System: A First Person Account

As my father's mental and physical health began to decline, I found myself in the very confusing and complicated world of eldercare

Hometown: A Teacher After All

For Liz Winchell, owning a pottery studio is about more than creating ceramics

Teaching Teens How to Drive

Kids can't wait to get their license, but teaching them to drive can be one of the most frustrating phases of parenting.

Take a Trip: 4 Places to Travel This Spring

Golf in Charlottesville; see penguins in Baltimore; visit the world's largest indoor garden show in Philadelphia; or fly to the Caribbean.

Fly Fishing in the Virginia Piedmont

A writer explores a sport beloved by her father, brother, husband and son for the first time.

Be Well: Just Keep Moving

Fitness instructor Kristine Oleson is giving other moms of young kids a gift-time to exercise.

A Conversation with Emily Yoffe

As the writer of "Dear Prudence," Slate's advice column, Emily Yoffe considers the problems of hundreds of people every week. She talks about her most memorable letters, her biggest gaffe and more.

Walk to Everything

In these neighborhoods, residents have the best of both worlds: They live in single-family homes on quiet, leafy streets but are steps away from farmers markets, restaurants, shops and more.

Enjoy The Show

Remember when stadium seating was a big deal, popcorn with extra butter was a treat, and dinner and a movie meant a bite at a restaurant before or after the show? A new wave of luxury theaters is transforming Saturday night at the movies.

Our Turn

After years of shuttling kids to practice and freezing in the stands, these hockey moms were ready to get out on the ice.

When Everything Changed

Twenty-three-year-old Jennifer Vasquez has lived through devastating tragedy. She wants to use her experiences to help others.

The Mini Masterpiece

Every parent with a young child in school or day care is faced with the guilt-ridden choice between which art stays and which goes into the circular file.

Grading Joshua Starr

The superintendent hopes to spend another four years running the county's public schools. Does he deserve to keep the job?

Mom Talk

How local support groups are helping new mothers stay connected

Person of Interest: #AStarIsBorn

Will B-CC grad Steven Kelly be Bethesda's next claim to fame?

Who Makes What

From local politicians to high school principals to titans of business-here's a look at what high-profile members of the community are paid

Green Giants: Wood Acres Elementary School, The Town of Poolesville, Wendy Howard, Alan Pultyniewicz and Glenstone

These are among the five winners of the Bethesda Magazine Green Champions Awards, held in partnership with Bethesda Green.

‘Look, Zack, you did it’

Whitney Ellenby's life took an unexpected turn when her son was diagnosed with autism. When conventional therapy didn't work for him, she took things into her own hands-and found a cause that changed her life.

Philanthropist of the Year: Above and Beyond

As vice president of Darcars Automotive Group, Tammy Darvish is a busy, successful businesswoman who could show her support of local nonprofits by writing checks and chairing fancy galas. She does that and much more.

Family Style

A new addition provides the perfect excuse for a Potomac family to update their home with bright colors and playful patterns

Starting Over

Returning to work after staying home with kids can be intimidating. How do you explain the gap on your résumé? And what kind of job should you look for?

Education’s New Model

Traditional teaching methods aren't doing enough to engage kids and prepare them for the 21st-century workplace. At Wheaton High School, teachers and students are exploring a hands-on approach to learning.

Out of Bounds

In a culture where winning is paramount, are some youth coaches doing more harm than good?

Making the Grade

Extraordinary Educators

College Bound

Where Bethesda-area high school graduates applied to college and where they were accepted

'Effervescent, Evan'

Sixteen-year-old Evan Rosenstock loved sports and had a big, easy smile. When he took his own life last year, the Churchill community was devastated. How could this have happened? And who or what was to blame?

Living in Limbo

Many children who come to this country illegally face uncertainty. One young woman is using her own experiences to help others cope.

Bethesda Magazine Interview

Michael Wilbon: sports writer turned TV star

Into the Woods

Chain saws, demonic clowns, half-buried skeletons that suddenly jump to life-Markoff's Haunted Forest delivers the fright of a lifetime

Growing Up

The transition from kid to teen can be hard on everyone. One way to help? Create an organized, sophisticated room where your teen can do homework, spend time with friends and relax in private.

On the Mend

More teens are suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Sometimes surgery is the only cure.

Places in the Heart

A stillborn son leaves his parents a legacy of love

Making Connections

For a Kensington couple, news of their son's devastating diagnosis was a call to action.

Marshmallow Days

The unbearable sweetness of Marshmallow Man

Crossing the Party Line

Should parents allow their underage kids to host drinking parties at home? The law says no-and anyone who doesn't heed that may face some hefty consequences.

Top Teens 2014

Bethesda Magazine's Extraordinary Teen Awards

Top of the Class

Each year we write about local teachers whose dedication has earned them accolades from students, parents and colleagues. This year we selected six educators who've been recognized even beyond the classroom.

College Bound

Where Bethesda-area high school graduates applied to college and where they were accepted

Prep For Life

They were the 'in crowd,' the girls everybody else wanted to be. And they weren't even in high school yet.

High School Forever

Remember the guy who shoved you into the lockers back when you were in high school? The girls who mocked you behind your back? Yeah, we thought so.

Right Clique

The nerd? The stoner? The jock? Today's teens claim the old labels don't apply in high school anymore. But the popular kids? They live on.

Then and Now

How much do we resemble our high school selves?

Safety Check

Nobody wants to see a Columbine or a Sandy Hook happen in our schools. But how do you prevent it when school resource officers are already spread so thin?

Scouts Dis-honor

Should homosexuality disqualify someone from membership in an organization that promotes leadership, tolerance and integrity? Two Kensington brothers are willing to put that question to the test.

Letting Joey Go

There's only so much parents can do to shape their children's lives. Sandra Swenson learned that the hard way, when one of her two sons followed the straight and narrow-while the other spiraled into addiction.

Top Teens 2013

Bethesda Magazine's 2012 Extraordinary Teen Awards

Nine Universities. 80 Degrees. One Short Drive.

The Universities at Shady Grove offers nontraditional students a lower-cost, more convenient way to get higher education

Learning Curve

Preparing for the first day of school, new teacher Naomi Rubinstein thinks she has found her calling

Wasted Youth

Local teenagers are turning up the volume when they party: drinking more to get drunk faster. A look at an increasingly dangerous and disturbing trend.

Going Public

High school students who've made the leap from private school tell what it's like - the good, the bad and the ugly

The Gifted: Left Behind?

With a new curriculum aimed at meeting the needs of more students, parents of advanced learners fear their kids are getting short shrift

Top Teens 2012

Bethesda Magazine's 2012 Extraordinary Teen Awards.

The Education of Nicol Copeland

How do you deal with the anxiety over meeting a child's special needs? If you're Jillian Copeland, you start your own school.

The Senior-Year Itch

Go to class? Do homework? In their final year of high school, a lot of students are saying, 'Fugetaboutit'

The Starr Report

After a sometimes rocky ride at his previous post, the county's new superintendent of schools hopes to continue Jerry Weast's legacy-and, oh, yeah, have a life.

Educators Par Excellence

Following are five area educators who've earned the adjective of "great," according to many of those who've passed through their doors.


What's a parent to do when a child is capable of doing good work-but can't be bothered to try?

A Sporting Solution?

With the high cost of high school athletics, booster clubs are stepping in to cover the financial breach-and creating an uneven playing field in the process.

Alexandra Robbins’ Revenge of the Nerds

The Walt Whitman graduate and best-selling author introduces Quirk Theory, and explains why she keeps returning to high school.

Web Exclusive: College Trivia

Whitman High School grad wins $53,800 on Jeopardy!

Class of '81

Nearly 30 years ago, they were the extraordinary teens of their generation-the class leaders, the valedictorians, the captains of the football teams, the royalty of the high school halls who seemed to have all the gifts to go far. So how far did they get?

In a Class of Their Own

They instill a love of learning, offer encouragement in facing a new challenge and even push us toward a particular path in life. The following six teachers will be remembered long after their students have left their classrooms.

By the Book

Longtime teachers say their job (and students and parents) has changed dramatically through the years.

Hired and Fired

Does MCPS do a good job recruiting new teachers and getting rid of bad ones?

The Sub-Text of Scandal

Cheating, sexting, a fantasy sex league: Are these recent events symptoms of a larger problem with kids today?

Top Teens 2011

Bethesda Magazine's 2011 Extraordinary Teen Awards.

The Last Lessons of Jerry Weast

A question and answer session with the retiring superintendent of Montgomery County Public School.

Math Problems

Kids are being pushed into accelerated classes-and some parents and educators say it's time to put on the brakes.

The Sleep Away Camp Dilemma

Spending the summer at camp helps kids build independence and self-esteem, but what's in it for parents who aren't sure about letting go?

That Empty Feeling

Preparing for an empty nest is hard. Living through it is even harder.

Are We Better Parents Than Our Parents Were?

We know more about parenting, care more about it and are more involved than our parents were. Do we go too far?

Equal but Separate?

Are the benefits of diverse schools being wasted?

Public vs. Private

Which school is best for your child?

I Spy

Many parents are using high-tech devices to monitor where their children are and what they are doing.


Bethesda Magazine readers and contributors share humorous and touching parenting stories.

World of Worries

Many parents worry about things that could happen to their kids. Are their worries warranted?

Teens Coming Out

Some parents handle it well, and many do not, when their children reveal that they are gay.

Practically Perfect in Every Way?

Finding the right nanny or au pair can be challenging.

Parents' Worst Nightmare

Two years ago, best friends Rachel Crites and Rachel Smith took their own lives. Now, for the first time, the girls' parents talk about the warning signs they missed.

Rethinking the Rankings

An analysis of the country's high school rankings raises questions about their usefulness.

What Makes a Great Teacher?

The best teachers are smart, knowledgeable and dedicated, but it is their ability to connect with students that truly sets them apart.

Top Teens 2010

Meet the 10 winners of our first Extraordinary Teen Awards.

Surviving Kindergarten

They're making Venn diagrams, writing poetry journals and doing homework. Being 5 just isn't what it used to be.


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