Video: Full Democratic District 1 County Council Debate

Video: Full Democratic District 1 County Council Debate

Eight candidates answered questions ranging from how to spur economic development to who they would vote for county executive during the April 19 debate

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The eight Democratic candidates hoping to win the Bethesda-based District 1 County Council seat debated several issues ranging from economic development to stormwater management at the April 19 debate sponsored by Bethesda Beat and the Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce.

The following videos and clips from the event at Hope Connections for Cancer Support in Bethesda show the candidates' responses to questions.

The candidates, from left, are Bill Cook, Pete Fosselman, Andrew Friedson, Ana Sol Gutierrez, Jim McGee, Reggie Oldak, Dalbin Osorio and Meredith Wellington. The first video shows the full debate, while the following videos begin at specific questions that candidates were asked during the 90-minute forum.

Full video:

Question 1: Is Montgomery County growing too fast or too slow?

Question 2: What specific steps would you take to spur business growth in the county?

Question 3: Would you vote to raise, maintain or lower the energy tax? 

Question 4: Do you agree with County Exeuctive Ike Leggett's plan to reduce spending on stormwater capital projects?

Question 5: Should Bethesda be an incorporated city like Rockville or Gaithersburg and do you believe Bethesda gets a fair share of county resources? 

Question 6: Would you privatize the county's Department of Liquor Control and if so how would you replace its $30 million in annual profits and handle the approximately 350 union workers employed by the department?

Question 7: How would you differ from District 1's current council member Roger Berliner?

Question 8: If the county executive election were held today, who would you vote for?

Question 9: Tell us something your opponents said today that you didn't agree with and why?

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