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County Council Twitter Account Compromised, Used To Send Out Post Containing Expletives

Staff members quickly deleted tweet, posted explanation

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County Council staff members say they believe the council’s twitter account was compromised and used to post a message containing offensive language Tuesday morning.

The tweet posted on the council account included a couple of expletives and questioned media reports about new estimates of the death toll in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Council spokeswoman Susan Kenedy said the tweet was sent at 10:29 a.m. and taken down about five minutes later.

“We believe our account has been compromised and someone who does not represent the Montgomery County Council has made at least one post with offensive language. We are currently investigating and will keep you informed,” the council staff tweeted. 

Kenedy said staff members don’t have any evidence that any other social media accounts were hacked but secured them with new passwords as a precaution. They do not believe a county employee was involved in posting the initial message.

“We really think it’s an isolated incident,” she said.

The offending tweet noted that The Washington Post and BuzzFeed News reported different casualty estimates when presenting the findings of a new Harvard study on the hurricane's impact.

“Someone is lying. I say @BuzzFeedNews is bull—–ing because they like to over exaggerate —-,” the deleted tweet stated, according to a screenshot.

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