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Rockville Scrap Pile Catches Fire; Smoke Visible for Miles

About 65 county firefighters respond to extinguish flames Monday evening

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Smoke issues from the scene of the scrap yard blaze as firefighters battle it with a heavy hose stream.

Via Pete Piringer (Twitter)

A Rockville scrap metal yard that caught fire Monday evening produced a plume of smoke that was visible for miles.

Firefighters were called to Montgomery Scrap Corp. on Southlawn Lane at about 5 p.m. and found more than a dozen scrap cars in flames, Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Services spokesman Pete Piringer said Tuesday. The fire had also spread to the yard’s expansive pile of scrap metal.

Although firefighters quickly contained the flames, they weren’t able to completely extinguish the fire until about 7 p.m., Piringer said. About 65 firefighters fought the fire, using foam, aerial ladders and large hoses in a labor-intensive battle against the flames. Heavy equipment was needed to pull apart some of the metal to extinguish fires in the pile.

There were no injuries, Piringer said.

Southlawn Lane was blocked between Avery Road and Gude Drive for a few hours as firefighters worked at the scene.

The cause of the fire is not known, but Piringer said it could have been sparked by gas left in the tanks of one of the scrap cars. He said it’s “not the first time” firefighters have been called to the Rockville scrap yard to put out a fire.

All photos via Pete Piringer/Twitter