The 20th County Council was sworn in on Dec. 5. Credit: Steve Bohnel

Evan Glass, the new president of the County Council, announced on Tuesday new committee assignments for returning and new council members.

The council previously had six committees consisting of three members, which dealt with legislation and other matters related to their relative policy areas. Those committees were: Education and Culture, Government Operations and Fiscal Policy, Housing and Human Services, Planning, Housing and Economic Development, Public Safety, and Transportation and Environment. 

With the new council — now consisting of 11 members instead of nine because of a ballot question approved by voters in 2020 — there will now be a four-member Economic Development committee. That group is tasked with reviewing legislation and other issues involving economic development and business activity in the county.

All other committees remain the same, except for the new Planning, Housing, and Parks committee. That committee was formerly called the Planning, Housing and Economic Development committee. 

Prior committee chairs retained their leadership positions — Gabe Albornoz (D-At-large) heading Health and Human Services, and Sidney Katz (D-Dist. 3) as chair of Public Safety. The overall committee assignments are as follows: 

Economic Development (ECON)

  • Chair Natali Fani-González (D-Dist. 6)
  • Council Member Marilyn Balcombe (D-At-large)
  • Council President Evan Glass (D-At-large)
  • Council Member Laurie-Anne Sayles (D-At-large)

Education & Culture (EC)

  • Chair Will Jawando (D-At-large)
  • Council Member Gabe Albornoz (D-At-large)
  • Council Member Kristin Mink (D-Dist. 5)

Government Operations & Fiscal Policy (GO)

  • Chair Kate Stewart (D-Dist. 4)
  • Council Vice President Andrew Friedson (D-Dist. 1)
  • Council Member Sidney Katz (D-Dist. 3)

Health & Human Services (HHS) 

  • Chair Gabe Albornoz (D-At-large)
  • Council Member Dawn Luedtke (D-Dist. 7)
  • Council Member Laurie-Anne Sayles (D-At-large)

Planning, Housing & Parks (PH) 

  • Chair Andrew Friedson (D-Dist. 1)
  • Council Member Natali Fani-González (D-Dist. 6)
  • Council Member Will Jawando (D-At-large)

Public Safety (PS) 

  • Chair Sidney Katz (D-Dist. 3)
  • Council Member Dawn Luedtke (D-Dist. 7)
  • Council Member Kristin Mink (D-Dist. 5)

Transportation & Environment (TE) 

  • Chair Evan Glass (D-At-large)
  • Council Member Marilyn Balcombe (D-Dist. 2)
  • Council Member Kate Stewart (D-Dist. 4)