Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones speaks to reporters on Thursday. Credit: Photo by Dan Schere

Seven men were arrested on multiple gun and drug charges last week after Montgomery County police say they were found with weapons and were involved in the sale of fentanyl from a Germantown apartment. 

Police Chief Marcus Jones told reporters on Thursday that police had received numerous complaints about criminal activity in the 19700 block of Crystal Rock Drive throughout the month of May. Some of the complaints were that drug dealing was occurring in an apartment in The Hamptons at Town Center, he said.

Jones said 5th District officers conducted surveillance in the area to identify the suspects, and authorities confirmed there was drug dealing happening there.

On June 16, a citizen reported shots fired, Jones said.

“Officers responded immediately and located 38 rounds of spent casings and live rounds of ammunition at the back corner of that particular block,” he said.

Jones said officers determined gang members who were coming and going from the apartment. 


On June 22, the police SWAT team signed a no-knock warrant to search the apartment, he said.

“This warrant was applied for and granted because of the propensity of violence of those who frequent this location, as well as intelligence that firearms were present at the apartment,” he said.

Jones said authorities found more than 80 fentanyl pills, many of which were disguised as counterfeit prescription pills.


He said police also found five firearms, including two that were modified into fully automatic handguns.

“It is believed that some of these individuals involved are also involved in other criminal activity in the Germantown area,” he said.

Jones said the seven suspects are all between ages 18 and 25, and six of them are members of a gang called The Black Mob, which operates primarily in the Germantown area. 


The seven men arrested are:

  • Devin Bullard, 20, of Damascus 
  • Marco Cedillos, 21, of Germantown 
  • Ke-onta Goldsberry, 23, of Suitland 
  • Jaden Howard, 23, of Germantown 
  • Joshua Tuzon, 18, of Clarksburg 
  • Javon Walker, 18, of Clarksburg 
  • Zavier Carson-Beckwith, 21, of Germantown 

Jones did not say on Thursday whether the men were arrested inside the home or in another location.

Jones said based on the description he has heard from investigators, the apartment seemed akin to an “open air drug market.”


“Based upon what I’m hearing from investigators, there was a lot of foot traffic going in and out of the apartment in order to buy fentanyl, which means there was plenty of product available, and it was an easy location to go in and out,” he said.

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