Editor’s note: This list was updated at 12:20 p.m. June 21 to add endorsements from Progressive Maryland. Bethesda Beat will continue to update the list as new endorsements are announced.

For the past decade, Montgomery County has been comprised of eight multimember state legislative districts – each represented by a senator and three members of the House of Delegates, with all of those districts contained entirely within the county’s borders.

Thanks to the county’s increasing population as gauged by the 2020 census, the decennial redistricting process added a portion of a ninth district – which, while primarily based in neighboring Howard County, was redrawn to include a portion of northern Montgomery County. The result: What had been a county legislative delegation of 32 will increase to 35 – with nine senators and 26 delegates.

In 2022, there are contested Democratic primaries for the Senate seats in four of those districts: 14, 18, 20 and 39. In addition, there are Democratic primaries for the House of Delegates in seven of those jurisdictions: Districts 14, 15, 17, 19, 20 and 39, as well as the new addition, Howard-based District 9A – which has two delegates, unlike the three representing each of the districts that lie entirely within Montgomery. (There are Republican primaries in just two of these districts – for Senate in District 19, and the two delegate seats in 9A.)

As in past years, there is no shortage of efforts by labor and advocacy groups to sway voters in advance of the July 19 primary, although activity by business groups has been sparse this cycle. The Maryland Association of Realtors, which has endorsed General Assembly candidates in the past, has opted not to do so this time around – amid an election cycle in which the COVID-19 pandemic and redistricting-related delays in the filing deadlines created logistical challenges for the endorsement process.

What follows is a compilation of Democratic primary endorsements for the county’s seats in the Maryland General Assembly: Given Montgomery’s 4-1 Democratic registration edge, the endorsements noticed to date have been solely for candidates in that party’s primary. (The eight districts entirely within Montgomery County are currently represented by eight senators and 24 delegates, all of them Democrats. Howard County-based District 9 is now also represented by a Democratic senator, while the two delegates currently representing District 9A are Republicans.)


Included in the endorsement list are the choices of organizations that are well-known locally and have established a presence in recent elections — thanks to membership, money or both. This list will be updated as new endorsements become available prior to the start of early primary voting on July 7. (Here is a separate breakdown of endorsements in this year’s contested elections for county executive and County Council, as well as the Board of Education and the county’s “courthouse” officials.)

[For more information on candidates for local, state and federal races, check out the Bethesda Beat voters guide.]

Some explanatory notes about the organizations whose endorsements are listed below:


The Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA) represents more than 14,000 teachers and other non-supervisory educational professionals in the county school system; the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 500 represents the school system’s 9,500-member support staff. The membership of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1994 MCGEO includes about 5,300 of the county’s full-time employees – another 1,250 are police officers represented by FOP Lodge 35, and 1,100 more are career firefighters who belong to IAFF Local 1664. The Volunteer Fire-Rescue Association represents 19 local fire and ambulance services around Montgomery County that are staffed on a volunteer basis.

SEIU 32BJ represents many property service workers at office and apartment buildings in the county, while UFCW Local 400 includes about 4,000 retail service workers in Montgomery County, primarily at area supermarkets. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 3 draws its membership from employees of state government and Maryland’s higher education system, while the Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO is the state council of that national labor federation. Progressive Maryland is a statewide issue advocacy group that coordinates with religious and community groups and labor union locals.

While the Sierra Club endorses candidates at both the county and state level, endorsements for county offices are made by the club’s “Montgomery County Group”, while endorsements at the state legislative level are the province of the Sierra Club’s Maryland Chapter. Another leading state environmental group, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, limits its Montgomery County endorsements to state legislative races. The Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund is the political arm of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, which focuses on combating climate change in the Maryland/Virginia/District of Columbia region.


CASA In Action is the political arm of CASA, which bills itself as the largest Latino and immigrant organization in Maryland.

Pro-Choice Maryland was affiliated with the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) until the beginning of this year, when it – along with 10 other state affiliates of NARAL Pro-Choice America were spun off from the national organization.

General Assembly


House of Delegates, District 9A (Clarksburg/Damascus/Hyattstown)

 Approximately 16,000 Montgomery County residents are now in this district; they comprise about 12 percent of District 9 and approximately 20 percent of District 9A; In District 9, the incumbent Democratic senator – Katie Fry Hester – has no primary opposition, and will face a Republican challenger, current District 9A Del. Reid Novotny, in the November election.

In District 9A, there are three-way contests in both the Democratic and Republican primaries for the two nominations available in each. The following endorsements were offered in the Democratic primary:


Maryland State/District of Columbia AFL-CIO: Steven Bolen, Natalie Ziegler

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Maryland Council 3: Bolen, Ziegler

Maryland League of Conservation Voters: Bolen, Ziegler


Sierra Club/Maryland Chapter: Ziegler

House of Delegates/Senate, District 14 (Burtonsville/Brookeville/Clarksburg/Damascus/Fairland/Laytonsville/Olney)

Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA): Craig Zucker (Senate), Anne Kaiser, Eric Luedtke, Pamela Queen


Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 500: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen

SEIU 32BJ: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1994 MCGEO: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen


UFCW Local 400: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen

Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters/IAFF Local 1664: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen

Montgomery County Volunteer Fire-Rescue Association: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen


AFSCME: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen

AFL-CIO: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen

Progressive Maryland: Queen


CASA In Action: Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen

League of Conservation Voters: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen

Sierra Club: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen


Pro-Choice Maryland: Zucker, Kaiser, Luedtke, Queen


Of note: In opting to endorse the three incumbent delegates for re-election, the MCEA passed over one of its own members: Joshua Dowling, a teacher at the A. Mario Loiederman Middle School in Silver Spring and one of two challengers in this year’s Democratic primary race for three delegates slots.  


House of Delegates, District 15 (Potomac/NorthPotomac/Bethesda/Boyds/Clarksburg/Darnestown/Poolesville) 

The incumbent senator, Democrat Brian Feldman, has no primary opposition and will be on the November ballot against Republican David Wilson, who also was Feldman’s 2018 opponent.

The endorsements in the four-way Democratic primary for three delegate seats:

MCEA:  Linda Foley, David Fraser-Hidalgo, Lily Qi

SEIU Local 500: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi

UFCW MCGEO: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi

UFCW Local 400: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi

Career Fire Fighters: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi 

Volunteer Fire-Rescue: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi

AFSCME: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi

AFL-CIO: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi

Progressive Maryland: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo

CASA: Saqib Ali, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi

League of Conservation Voters: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi

Sierra Club: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi 

Pro-Choice Maryland: Foley, Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi                                                                                

Of note: The Democratic delegate primary pits three incumbent delegates – Fraser-Hidalgo, Qi and Foley (appointed in December to the seat occupied for nearly two decades by now-Montgomery Circuit Court Judge Kathleen Dumais) – against a former delegate, Ali, who represented neighboring District 39 from 2006-2010. Ali gave up that seat to run unsuccessfully for Senate before moving into District 15 to pursue a vacant delegate slot to which Fraser-Hidalgo was appointed in 2013.  

District 16 (Bethesda/North Bethesda/Chevy Chase/Potomac)

The district’s four Democratic incumbents – Sen. Susan Lee and Dels. Ariana Kelly, Marc Korman and Sara Love – are guaranteed a return to Annapolis for the next four years: They have no opposition in either the July primary or the November general election.

House of Delegates, District 17 (Rockville/Gaithersburg)

The incumbent senator, Democrat Cheryl Kagan, has no primary opposition and will be on the November ballot against Republican Scott Gershman.

The endorsements in the four-way Democratic primary for three delegate seats:

MCEA: Kumar Barve, Julie Palakovich Carr, Joe Vogel

SEIU Local 500: Barve, Palakovich Carr, Vogel

UFCW MCGEO: Barve, Palakovich Carr

UFCW Local 400: Barve, Palakovich Carr, Vogel

Career Fire Fighters: Barve, Palakovich Carr

Volunteer Fire-Rescue: Barve, Palakovich Carr

AFSCME: Barve, Palakovich Carr, Vogel

AFL-CIO: Barve, Palakovich Carr

Progressive Maryland: Palakovich Carr, Vogel

CASA: Barve, Palakovich Carr, Vogel

Pro-Choice Maryland: Barve, Palakovich Carr, Joe DeMaria

Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund: Barve

League of Conservation Voters: Barve, Palakovich Carr, Vogel

Sierra Club: Barve, Palakovich Carr, Vogel

Of note: DeMaria and Vogel are taking aim at the seat being vacated by Del. Jim Gilchrist, who is retiring after four terms. Even before Gilchrist announced his retirement, Kagan – who has had a tenuous political relationship with both Barve and Gilchrist – was working to recruit Vogel, a former Kagan campaign aide, to run in the primary.     

Senate, District 18 (Bethesda/Chevy Chase/Kensington/Wheaton/Silver Spring)

The two incumbent delegates – Democrats Emily Shetty and Jared Solomon – and Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee member Aaron Kaufman have no primary opposition and will appear on the November ballot. (Kaufman was placed on the slate of candidates by the Democratic central committee after the other current incumbent Democratic delegate, Al Carr, dropped out just before the filing deadline to pursue a County Council seat.) In November, there will be just one Republican delegate candidate – George Cecala – on the general election ballot.

The endorsements in the two-way Democratic primary for the district’s Senate seat:

MCEA: Jeff Waldstreicher

SEIU Local 500: Waldstreicher

SEIU 32BJ: Waldstreicher

UFCW MCGEO: Waldstreicher

UFCW Local 400: Waldstreicher

Career Fire Fighters: Waldstreicher

Volunteer Fire-Rescue: Waldsteicher

AFSCME: Waldstreicher

AFL-CIO: Waldstreicher

Progressive Maryland: Max Socol

CASA: Socol

Pro-Choice Maryland: Socol

League of Conservation Voters: Waldstreicher

Sierra Club: Waldstreicher

House of Delegates, District 19 (Aspen Hill/Derwood/Rockville/Silver Spring)

The incumbent senator, Democrat Ben Kramer, has no primary opposition and will be on the November ballot against the winner of a Republican primary between Raul Ayala and Anita Mpambara Cox.

The endorsements in the four-way Democratic primary for three delegate seats:

MCEA: Charlotte Crutchfield, Bonnie Cullison, Vaughn Stewart

SEIU Local 500: Crutchfield, Cullison, Stewart

SEIU 32BJ: Cullison

UFCW MCGEO: Crutchfield, Cullison, Stewart

UFCW Local 400: Crutchfield, Cullison, Stewart

Career Fire Fighters: Cullison, Stewart

AFSCME: Crutchfield, Cullison, Stewart

AFL-CIO: Crutchfield, Cullison, Stewart

Progressive Maryland: Cullison, Stewart

CASA: Crutchfield, Cullison, Stewart

Pro-Choice Maryland: Crutchfield, Cullison, Stewart

Chesapeake Climate Action Network: Stewart

League of Conservation Voters: Crutchfield, Cullison, Stewart

Sierra Club: Crutchfield, Cullison, Stewart

House of Delegates/Senate, District 20 (Silver Spring/Takoma Park/White Oak)

MCEA: Will Smith (Senate), Lorig Charkoudian, David Moon, Jheanelle Wilkins

SEIU Local 500: Smith, Charkoudian, Moon, Wilkins

SEIU 32BJ: Smith, Moon, Wilkins

UFCW MCGEO: Smith, Charkoudian, Moon, Wilkins

Career Fire Fighters: Smith, Charkoudian, Moon, Wilkins

Volunteer Fire-Rescue: Smith, Moon

AFSCME: Smith, Charkoudian, Moon, Wilkins

AFL-CIO: Smith, Charkoudian, Moon, Wilkins

Progressive Maryland: Charkoudian, Moon

CASA: Smith, Charkoudian, Moon, Wilkins

Pro-Choice Maryland: Smith, Charkoudian, Moon, Wilkins

Chesapeake Climate Action Network: Charkoudian

League of Conservation Voters: Smith, Charkoudian, Moon, Wilkins

Sierra Club: Smith, Charkoudian, Moon, Wilkins

House of Delegates/Senate, District 39 (Germantown/Montgomery Village)

MCEA: Nancy King (Senate), Gabriel Acevero, Lesley Lopez, Kirill Reznik

SEIU Local 500: King, Acevero, Lopez, Reznik

SEIU 32BJ: Acevero

UFCW MCGEO: King, Lopez, Reznik, Clint Sobratti

UFCW Local 400: King, Lopez, Reznik, Sobratti

Career Fire Fighters: King, Lopez, Reznik, Sobratti

Volunteer Fire-Rescue: King, Reznik 

AFSCME: King, Lopez, Reznik, Sobratti

AFL-CIO: King, Lopez, Reznik, Sobratti

Progressive Maryland: Acevero, Lopez, Sobratti

CASA: King, Acevero, Lopez, Reznik

Pro-Choice Maryland: King, Acevero, Lopez, Reznik

League of Conservation Voters: King, Lopez, Reznik, Sobratti

Sierra Club: Acevero, Lopez, Reznik

Of note: King and two other incumbents, Dels. Lopez and Reznik, have formed a slate with Sobratti, a former board member of UFCW MCGEO. It has put them in the position of seeking to deny renomination to Acevero, the remaining incumbent delegate – who won nomination as an insurgent candidate in 2018 and has since had a strained relationship with King, a veteran legislator who is now Senate majority leader.

King, meanwhile, was alone among Montgomery County-based legislators in not receiving the endorsement of the Sierra Club. The problem: She has been among the few county and local elected officials to speak out in support of Gov. Larry Hogan’s proposal to widen I-495 and I-270 utilizing toll lanes – a plan to which the Sierra Club’s Maryland chapter is vehemently opposed.

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