Monday was the last day for Saphire Cafe in downtown Bethesda. Credit: Photo by Dan Schere

Saphire Cafe is closing at 7940 Wisconsin Ave. in downtown Bethesda. The bar announced on Facebook that Monday is the establishment’s last official day.

When someone asked about the reason for the closure on Facebook, the bar posted that buildings on the block are being torn down.

A demolition application notice from the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services is posted on the front of the building, stating that an application for the demolition of the structure was received Feb. 3, 2020.

Inside Saphire Cafe on Monday afternoon, a small crowd gathered around the bar and enjoyed their final drinks. The restaurant’s owner told a reporter that he preferred to be interviewed after the business had closed when he would be less busy.

Robert Dyer previously reported on Saphire Cafe closing.

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