It has been four months since two administrators in Montgomery County Public Schools’ transportation department were placed on leave while police investigated allegations of “financial improprieties.”

Officials say the investigation continues, but are tight-lipped on new details.

In mid-November, MCPS confirmed to Bethesda Beat that department Director Todd Watkins and Assistant Director Charles Ewald were placed on administrative leave when the allegations were raised.

MCPS at the time did not say what the allegations were, who made them or who within the district’s Department of Transportation was involved.

At the time, MCPS declined to comment further, citing the ongoing investigation, but said more information would be shared “in the coming weeks.”

There have been no public updates since.

In a statement to Bethesda Beat on Thursday, MCPS spokesman Chris Cram wrote: “The investigation is ongoing and the district continues to cooperate with Montgomery County Police on this matter.”

He said there is no new information about the investigation, what allegedly happened or a timeline for its resolution because the investigation is ongoing.

He declined to provide an update on Watkins’ and Ewald’s employment status.

“With respect to the employees you’re asking about, it remains a confidential personnel matter,” the statement said.

MCPS previously disclosed that Watkins and Ewald were placed on administrative leave.

Asked if that is still accurate, Cram wrote that they were placed on administrative leave at the time, but, “I do not have an update as to their status as it is a confidential personnel matter.”

Neither is listed in the MCPS staff directory.

An automatic response to an email to Watkins seeking comment said, “I am currently out of the office on leave.” It does not say when he is expected to return, but directs people to contact Eugenia Dawson, MCPS’ chief of finance and operations, in his absence.

Michael Lewis was announced in November as the department’s acting director. That remains his title in the MCPS staff directory as of Friday morning.

MCPS operates about 1,200 school buses for its 209 schools.

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