Police aware of planned trucker convoy coming to D.C. area

Maryland State Police say they are aware of a planned cross-country trucker convoy calling for the reopening of the country that’s set to arrive in the Washington, D.C., area next month.

Michael Ricci, a spokesperson with Gov. Larry Hogan’s office, released the statement from the agency, saying police will monitor the convoy as it moves across the country. [WJZ]

Paralyzed man says Medicaid forcing him out of home, into institution

A North Bethesda man who spent a quarter-century in service to the U.S. government says he’s battling for a chance to keep living.

Patrick Durkin — paralyzed by a wave in Ocean City in 2009 — says Medicare and Medicaid are forcing him out of his home and into a nursing facility where he’s convinced he’ll die. [WUSA]


Lawmakers littered with comments on bill to outlaw declawing cats

State Sen. J.B. Jennings and other legislators are considering a bill to outlaw the declawing of cats, with some exceptions.

“This bill has brought in a lot of emails,” Jennings said. “I’ve gotten both sides.” [Capital News Service]


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