The Montgomery County Board of Education on Thursday finalized the academic calendar for 2022-23, with classes beginning Aug. 29.

The approved calendar shows the last day of school on June 16, 2023.

The school year includes 182 instructional days, which is more than what is required by the state, and the same number the district has provided annually since 2017-18, according to school board documents.

Winter break will begin on Dec. 23 and end Jan. 3.

Days identified as makeup days due to weather or emergency closures during the year, if needed, are: Oct. 24, 2022; Nov. 7, 2022; Jan. 27, 2023; March 31, 2023; April 3, 2023; April 4, 2023; and April 21, 2023.

In October, the school board released three calendar options and invited public feedback.

Two options showed classes beginning on Aug. 30 (before Labor Day) and ending June 15. The third option started the year on Sept. 6 (after Labor Day) and ended on June 22.

The majority of people who responded to an online survey preferred the preholiday start.

During a meeting in December, MCPS staff members recommended that the school board approve a calendar that started the academic year before Labor Day. The recommendation, however, showed the school year starting on Aug. 29 and ending on June 16, which was not previously presented to the community as an option.

The school board decided to delay finalizing the calendar to allow families to provide comments and feedback.

The days were adjusted because the district will again close schools and offices on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, as was done this year, which was not previously in the calendar proposals. The district also had not aligned a noninstructional day with the Muslim holiday of Eid, as it has done in the past.

The full 2022-23 calendar can be viewed here.

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