Sherwood High School Credit: via MCPS

For at least the third time this academic year, students at Albert Einstein and Sherwood high schools are accused of making “racist remarks” to one another during athletics events.

In a message to community members this weekend, MCPS Director of Systemwide Athletics Jeff Sullivan wrote that students on each school’s girls’ junior varsity basketball team accused players on the other team of making “racist and derogatory comments at each other during the course of the game” on Saturday.

Sullivan wrote that the schools’ principals and athletics specialists began an investigation, which will include interviewing players and reviewing video from the game.

“We will not tolerate statements or actions that harm or discriminate against others, including by race, gender identity, or socioeconomic status,” Sullivan wrote. “All incidents will be investigated and perpetrators will be disciplined to the fullest extent per the MCPS Code of Conduct and the rules and regulations that govern MCPS Athletics.”

The incident comes after two similar incidents between the two teams in October that prompted a series of meetings to “repair the harm.”

In a letter to the Albert Einstein community in October, Sherwood High Principal Tim Britton wrote that members of its student cheering section made “racist remarks directed toward” Einstein students during a girls soccer game on Sept. 30.

While investigating that incident, administrators learned that students also made “racist and sexist remarks” to a member of the Einstein volleyball team on Oct. 4, he wrote.

Student leaders at both schools met for a series of restorative justice meetings in the weeks following, according to the letter.

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