A driver struck a Montgomery County fire truck at around midnight Friday on I-270 south near I-370.

Fire and Rescue spokesperson Peter Piringer told Bethesda Beat Friday morning that there was “minor damage” to the fire truck’s front bumper, along with the front bumper of the car that struck the truck. The fire truck was serving as a “blocking unit” while firefighters and other first responders worked to put out a vehicle fire, he said. 

Piringer had tweeted earlier that there were no injuries, and that the driver was charged with DUI.

These kinds of incidents “happen more often than you think,” Piringer said. Fire trucks and other units have to serve as “blocking units” at scenes on limited access highways like I-270 to create a “safety zone” for first responders, he said.


“The good thing is they don’t run into our people, they run into the trucks,” Piringer said.

He added the incident is a good chance to remind people of the state’s “Move Over” law. That law states that motorists should switch lanes when approaching emergency vehicles stopped near a scene.