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The owner of the bakery Breads Unlimited in Bethesda is planning to open a pizzeria in the same shopping center this year.

Jose Roberto Molina, who owns the bakery at 6914 Arlington Road, told Bethesda Beat on Wednesday that construction on Edith’s Pizza is scheduled to start next week in a space two doors down from the bakery.

“In two months, at the latest, we’ll be open for business,” he said.

Molina said he approached his landlord last year about possibly expanding his operation in the shopping center to make cakes. But he was told no.

“[The landlord] told me that I couldn’t have two bakeries in one place. So, we brought the idea … ‘how about if we have gourmet pizza? Something that is different.’ They loved the idea,” he said.

Molina said Edith’s Pizza will serve regular-size pizzas, personal pizzas and a “sheet pan” pizza for large groups. Customers can choose their toppings and pick from several types of crust, which include sourdough, six grain, whole wheat, regular, focaccia and pretzel dough.


All of the ingredients will be fresh, Molina said. He said employees at Breads Unlimited will make the dough in the bakery, then bring it to Edith’s Pizza, where the pizzas will bake. The sauce will also be made in house, he said.

“It’s the closest to what your mom does at home,” he said.

Molina said customers at Edith’s will order at the counter, and the restaurant will seat 24. Takeout will be available, but not delivery.


Molina became the owner of Breads Unlimited more than a year ago. He’s had help from his wife and son running the business and said they will continue to help when the pizzeria opens.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Breads Unlimited has had some days when a line stretched out the door, Molina said.

“Honestly, we’ve been busy all this time,” he said.


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