A rendering of a new proposed project in the White Flint area. Credit: via Montgomery County Planning Department

A development proposal in the White Flint area calling for a six-story building with 170 residences has been filed with the Montgomery County Planning Department.

The Montgomery Housing Partnership has proposed a six-story residential building at the intersection of Nebel Street and Old Georgetown Road.

The group’s development application says the goal is to provide units for people with a range of incomes. At least 25% (43) of the units will be designated as affordable housing and some will be rented at “levels substantially below” affordable housing guidelines.

The site is currently undeveloped and “contains numerous environmental features that make redevelopment of this prominent site challenging,” according to the development application.

There is a stream and significant slopes, but developers plan to preserve many “existing environmental features,” documents say.

The building design will incorporate the environmental features, developers wrote. It will provide “ample transparency overlooking the natural features” at the back of the property and there will be an outdoor deck “built into the trees.”


There will be an approximately 7,000-square-foot park and plaza, as well.

“The Project will transform this prominent, undeveloped Property into a residential development that is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood and promotes many of the County’s goals and objectives, including providing additional affordable housing located in close proximity to transit,” the development application says.

The project also includes a tree-lined walkway and connections to nearby pedestrian and bicycle paths. There will be a parking garage with about 155 vehicle spaces and 85 parking spaces for bicycles.