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This story was updated at 1:09 a.m. on Nov. 4, 2020, to include the latest figures.

Given two choices for how to change the structure of the Montgomery County Council, voters so far favor expanding the council from nine seats to 11, maintaining four at-large seats.

A competing proposal — keeping the council at nine seats, but making them all by district — was losing on Tuesday night.

Question C, which adds the two extra seats, had 175,548 votes in favor (61.5%) and 109,838 votes opposed (38.5%), according to Montgomery County Board of Elections figures as of 12:49 a.m.

The totals include early voting and mail-in ballots that the Board of Elections has received. They do not include provisional ballots.

Question D, which would convert the council to nine districts, had 165,843 votes against (58.4%) and 118,026 votes in favor (41.6%).


The council currently has nine council members — five elected by districts and four elected at-large, representing the entire county.

Question C was proposed by the council and spearheaded by Council Member Evan Glass. If the council expands from nine to 11 seats, seven members would be elected by district. The other four seats would remain at large.

Question D was placed on the ballot by petition by Nine Districts for MoCo, a local group of residents. It proposed changing the four at-large seats into seats elected by district. The council would stay at nine seats, with all nine elected by districts.


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