Montgomery County added 100 confirmed coronavirus cases Wednesday morning to bring the county’s total to 2,868. Cases in the county have increased 8% since Monday.

There were also 11 new deaths recorded in the county from the virus as of Wednesday, according to data from the Maryland Department of Health, bringing its total to 110.

There have been 16 “probable” deaths in the county, which is when a person’s death certificate lists the virus as the cause of death, but the cause hasn’t been confirmed by a laboratory test.

The state’s total of confirmed cases rose to 14,775 on Wednesday, which was an increase of 582, or 4%. There were 631 deaths statewide and 67 probable deaths.

There are 1,432 patients currently in the hospital. Of those, 905 are in acute care and 527 are in intensive care.

There have been more than 3,300 people hospitalized in the state throughout the pandemic, and 981 patients have been released from isolation. More than 61,000 people have tested negative.


Montgomery County has the second most confirmed cases of coronavirus in Maryland after Prince George’s County, which has had 3,875 cases and 125 confirmed deaths.

There have been 5,540 cases and 289 deaths among African Americans, the most of any racial group in the state. Among whites, there have been 3,476 cases and 234 deaths.

There have been 6,821 male coronavirus patients, compared to 7,954 females who have tested positive for the disease. But of those whose death was related to the virus, 339 were male and 292 were female.


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