Bradley Hills Elementary School Credit: Via MCPS

An after-school program leader charged with indecent exposure in May was sentenced Tuesday to four years of supervised probation.

Ji-Ho No, 22, of Montgomery Village, led the run club at Bradley Hills Elementary School in Bethesda.

The Bradley Hills Parent-Teacher Association contracts with the vendor Flex Academies to run after-school programs, including the run club, PTA leaders said in June. No worked as a sports instructor for Overtime Athletics, a Reston, Va., vendor that contracts with Flex Academies.

In a brief statement to the court on Tuesday, No expressed remorse.

“Your honor, what I did was wrong. I did not handle the situation right … and whatever the court tells me to do, I’ll follow it,” he said.

No was charged in June with six counts of indecent exposure, stemming from an “incident” on May 21, Principal Karen Caroscio wrote in a June 14 letter to parents. Caroscio did not provide any additional details.


Caroscio wrote that Montgomery County police asked her not to share any information about the incident until police could start investigating.

Asked on Tuesday if there was more information about the case, police did not have additional details to offer.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Jill Cummins, before issuing a sentence on Tuesday, referenced a doctor’s report that said No had an “obsession” with pornography. She did not discuss the details of what happened on May 21.


She said it was clear that “social immaturity” caused him to “be in this situation.”

Cummins said he had been “candid and honest” during the evaluation.

During Tuesday’s hearing, a prosecutor with the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s office said there were five victims, all currently ages 6 through 9. She didn’t provide the children’s genders or any other information.


No pleaded guilty in court on Jan. 7 to three counts of indecent exposure, according to state court records.

Cummins declined to grant No probation before judgment, which would have struck the guilty conviction.

“This does cause me some concern to where it would be impossible to grant you probation before judgment,” she said.


Cummins also ordered No to undergo sex offender treatment and a neuro-psychological evaluation. She ordered him not to have contact with any of the victims and to stay away from Bradley Hills Elementary School.

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