Stella Barra in North Bethesda recently expanded its menu to include another style of pizza and more pastas Credit: Photo courtesy of Jordan Johnson

Stella Barra, an Italian restaurant in North Bethesda’s Pike & Rose shopping area, has expanded its menu to include tavern-style thin-crust pizzas and more pasta dishes.

In addition to its regular selection of six types of pizza, the restaurant, at 11825 Grand Park Ave., has added three tavern-style pizzas that are thinner and crispier. The tavern-style pizzas include sausage and sweet peppers, spicy pepperoni and double cheese.

The menu featured a few pasta choices before, but now has six. The additional pasta choice include angel hair limone and fusilli with spicy tomato cream.

The new pizzas and pastas range from $13 to $18, which is similar to most of the existing menu items.

Stella Barra opened at Pike & Rose in 2015, its fourth location in the country. It is owned by Chicago-based Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, which also owns Stella Barra’s Pike & Rose neighbor, Summer House Santa Monica.

As part of the menu expansion, Stella Barra has added to its wine selection and added more appetizers, the restaurant wrote in a press release last week.


Chef Ben Goodnick, who is based in Chicago and is responsible for all of the Stella Barra restaurants, said in an interview Tuesday that the idea behind the menu expansion was to cater to more audiences.

“We wanted to expand our offerings to make it a little more accessible on any given night. We see a lot of family dining to start with and it gives more families options and more options for groups of six to eight,” he said.

Goodnick said that offering two different styles of pizza can be “risky” for a restaurant, but having dough made in-house gives the restaurant a leg up on its competition. He said the freshness of the other ingredients makes a difference in the quality.


“Our approach to purchasing ingredients is really honest and real. All of our flour is grown in California. Our tomatoes are organically grown in California,” he said.

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