A Maryland-National Capital Park Police vehicle was struck in November by a drunken driver in Montgomery County Credit: PHOTO VIA MARYLAND-NATIONAL CAPITAL PARK POLICE

A Gaithersburg woman who hit a Montgomery County officer during a crackdown on drunken driving was sentenced on Friday to four days in jail.

In November, Maryland-National Capital Park Police Officer Andrew Clay stopped a vehicle on Georgia Avenue as part of the Montgomery County Holiday Task Force, an impaired-driving enforcement initiative.

During the stop at about 3 a.m., Clay saw a silver Jeep Wrangler traveling fast toward him and ran away to avoid being hit, according to court records. The Jeep, driven by 25-year-old Lupita Martinez, of Gaithersburg, hit a police cruiser, pinning Clay beneath it.

Clay sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Court records show Martinez was charged with DUI, DWI, failure to obey traffic control device instructions, negligent driving in a careless and imprudent manner, and failure to control vehicle speed on highway.

Martinez was sentenced on Friday to four days in jail and to complete an alcohol treatment course, according to court records and a Twitter post from the Park Police. She is also required to a Mothers Against Drunk Driving impact panel meeting.


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