Bugle Boy pants were among items found dug up from a Silver Spring park. Police are trying to figure out the story behind the clothes and other items that were buried. Credit: Courtesy of Montgomery County police

Montgomery County police say they are investigating clothing and other items found buried in Silver Spring’s Nolte Local Park last summer.

Police on Wednesday, several months after the items were found, shared information about them and photos in a press release. They are asking the public for help in figuring out the items were buried at the park.

The items include Bugle Boy jeans, a belt, a Nike shirt, a metal rabbit, a pin and a Disney bag. Police also shared photos of labels that they think were attached to the pants and the bag.

Police said that when park workers told them about the hole last summer, the hole appeared to have been dug up, then recover again with dirt.

Nolte Local Park is bordered by Denver Road, Dale Drive and Easley Street. Thayer Terrace Apartments are nearby.

Officer Rick Goodale, a police spokesman, said in an interview on Wednesday that detectives first tried to conduct their own research, but are now asking for the public’s help.


Goodale said the fact that the clothing was so old is part of the reason police believe the circumstances surrounding the dug-up hole are “suspicious.”

“This is a public park where these items are not in a container or a chest. It’s not a family time capsule … and detectives believe these items possibly belong to male and female of varying ages. That’s pretty suspicious,” he said.

Police are asking anyone with information to call them at 240-773-5081.


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