Credit: Photo courtesy of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue

A baby girl was born on Sunday in an unexpected place — the side of I-270 near Comus Road in Clarksburg.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue spokesman Pete Piringer announced the birth on Twitter, initially writing that the department received a call for a “medical emergency” on the roadway.

Responders from Urbana and Hyattstown responded to the scene and learned that the parents were en route to the hospital when the baby arrived “a little earlier than expected,” Piringer said.

“They didn’t quite make it,” he added in a phone interview on Monday. Emergency responders helped complete the delivery in the family’s car before taking the mother and her newborn to a nearby hospital.

The girl and mother were “both doing fine,” Piringer tweeted Sunday, “as is dad.”

Piringer did not identify the parents or the baby, but said the family was driving southbound on I-270 before they stopped on the side of the road.


Coincidentally, the baby’s grandparents were also traveling to the hospital for the birth when they noticed the family’s car on the side of the highway, Piringer added on Monday. The grandparents pulled over and were there for the unexpected birth.

Highway deliveries “aren’t as uncommon as you might think,” Piringer said. The department responds to several a year, usually as parents are driving to the hospital for the birth.

“This is not the first time this has happened,” Piringer said.


WTOP reported that a woman gave birth in an ambulance on I-270 almost a year earlier, on Jan. 2, 2019, when she called first responders for a faster-than-expected delivery while en route to the hospital.