International Baccalaureate will move from its Bethesda headquarters at 7501 Wisconsin Ave to Northwest Washington, D.C. in late 2022. Credit: Google Maps

The nonprofit education foundation International Baccalaureate (IB) will move about three miles down Wisconsin Avenue in late 2022 from Bethesda into Northwest Washington, D.C. The company announced the impending move in a press release Wednesday.

IB, which has roughly 130 employees in its Americas Global Centre, will move from 7501 Wisconsin Ave. in Bethesda to City Ridge, a mixed use development at 3900 Wisconsin Ave.

IB is an international education foundation based in Switzerland that offers rigorous academic programs for students ages 3 through 19. There are 1.8 million students in 153 countries enrolled in IB programs at their school, according to the foundation.

IB has offices in the United States, Singapore, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Its American office has been headquartered in Bethesda since 2010, Head of Communications & Marketing Jennifer Bahrami wrote in an email Thursday.

IB’s move from Bethesda was first reported by the Washington Business Journal.

The press release states that the new space is ideal for building connections with the educational and international communities in Washington. The press release states that the first IB programs were in D.C.’s public schools.


“This new setting will enhance IB’s vast experience in international education and support the work we carry out in thousands of schools all over the world,” Director General Siva Kumari wrote in the press release.

Bahrami wrote in the email that IB plans to stay in Bethesda until December 2022. Asked why the organization preferred Washington for the company’s headquarters, she wrote that the company has strong ties to Montgomery County.

“The IB is very proud of its longstanding ties to Bethesda and Montgomery County, ties that existed before the office was located here and connections that will continue to grow,” she wrote.


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