A home in Bethesda Credit: MRIS/ File photo

Maryland ranks as the seventh most expensive state to live in and the Bethesda area is the most expensive in the state

Maryland ranked as the seventh most expensive state to live in the U.S. in CNBC’s new ranking of all 50 states. The news broadcaster ranked states based on an index of items such as average home and food prices, monthly energy bills and health costs.

The survey also included information from the most expensive area to live in each state. In Maryland, that was the Bethesda-Gaithersburg-Frederick corridor where the average home price is $746,300, a half-gallon of milk is about $2.32 and the average monthly energy bill is $176.24.

Only Oregon, Alaska, New York, Massachusetts, California and Hawaii—the most expensive state—ranked ahead of Maryland on CNBC’s new list. The three cheapest states to live in are Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi.


Maryland updates online system to change business information

The Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) this month announced it updated its Maryland Business Express website to enable business owners to file resolutions online to add, edit or remove a resident agent and change the address of a business.

Previously, owners had to file paperwork through the mail or in-person to make the changes to their business information. The state also updated the website to allow agents of limited liability companies in Maryland to make changes to their filings including enabling them to file articles of cancellation online.

“With this update, more than 18,000 filings that previously were done by mail or in-person annually can now be filed online through Maryland Business Express,” SDAT Director Michael Higgs said in a statement.


Macy’s to continue expansion of Bluemercury

Retail giant Macy’s is continuing its expansion of the beauty chain Bluemercury after it acquired the company founded by two Bethesda residents in 2015 for $210 million. Over the past three years it expanded the chain from 60 to 155 specialty stores. Over the next two years, Macy’s plans to continue that expansion with 55 new stores, according to the Cincinnati Business Courier.

Bluemercury sells makeup, skin care and other beauty products. The company’s founders Marla and Barry Beck live in Bethesda with their three children.