Kavanaugh is among top contenders for Supreme Court nomination 

The Washington Post is reporting that Brett Kavanaugh, who grew up in Bethesda, is among the top three candidates President Donald Trump is considering for nomination to the Supreme Court. Vice President Mike Pence and Kavanaugh met Wednesday at the vice president’s home, and sources told the Post their conversation went well. Kavanaugh helped in Kenneth Starr’s investigation of President Bill Clinton and later was appointed as a federal judge in D.C. [Washington Post]

Woman sentenced for participating in MS-13 armed robberies in Montgomery County  

A Montgomery County judge Thursday sentenced a 20-year-old woman to 95 years in prison for her role in several MS-13 robberies. Josselin Ramirez had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit armed robbery and participating in a gang-related crime after prosecutors offered evidence showing she helped case businesses and remove evidence of the heists. During interviews with detectives, she admitted luring a police officer into a gang ambush in her native El Salvador. She will likely face deportation proceedings. [Washington Post]

Expect new closure on road running through Rock Creek Parkway 

One stretch of Beach Drive is slated to reopen next week, while another will close. The 2.7-mile section that will close runs from Joyce Road to the Maryland border and will remain shut down for construction until fall of 2019. [WAMU]

Johns Hopkins Hospital evacuated for tuberculosis exposure 

Employees at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore were possibly exposed to tuberculosis Thursday, triggering an evacuation. Officials say a frozen sample of the disease that was being used for research was accidentally released on an internal bridge. The area does not connect with the hospital. [Washington Post]

Cooler weather anticipated for Friday  

Showers and thunderstorms are possible Friday, with some relief from the week’s heat. Temperatures will hit about 86 degrees, dipping to about 63 degrees overnight.

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