A Montgomery County firefighter pulls a puppy from a pipe in Rockville on the Fourth of July. Credit: Pete Piringer, Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service

At least one person in Montgomery County was treated by emergency crews for firework burns on the Fourth of July.

Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service spokesman Pete Piringer confirmed Thursday one man from the Wheaton area was transported for medical treatment after a bottle rocket caused injuries and burns to his face and upper body. The call was received around 9:30 p.m.

While fire and EMS crews responded to 334 total incidents on Independence Day, the call volume wasn’t out of the ordinary, partly because so many people leave town, Piringer said.

The fire service responded overnight to a smattering of calls for unusual outdoor fires—likely attributed to firework activity—in backyards, along fence lines or in trash bins, Piringer said.

And on the day that America celebrates its freedom as a nation, several crews worked in the early evening hours to free an adorable puppy from an underground water pipe in Rockville.

Piringer said a nine-week old puppy fell into the 6-inch drain pipe and was stuck about seven feet below ground. Crews used a “Big Easy” tool to snag the puppy and pull it back to the surface.

The rescue took less than a half hour and the puppy was reunited with its owners before 8:30 p.m.—a half hour before the county fireworks shows started.