A hazmat technician poses with a golf club at Bohrer Park during a training exercise. Credit: Via Pete Piringer/Twitter

Passersby might have wondered Monday whether the mini-golf course at Bohrer Park in Gaithersburg had been taken over by visitors from another planet.

For part of the day, the course was filled with men and women in shiny gray and green suits that looked straight out of a science fiction movie.

The group was a Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service hazmat team, and the team members had come to the course to train. Along with using meters and other tools, the crew practiced putting as a test of dexterity in the full-body, airtight suits.

Playing the 18 holes also allowed the technicians to practice air conservation, as the suits are vapor-tight and contain a restricted amount of air, MCFRS Capt. Ivan Browning said in a video posted to Twitter. The crew also set up a few stations for the technicians to run through scenarios.

The training is part of an annual re-certification process, and Browning said the park allowed the technicians to use the area for the day.

“It’s just a beautiful day to play putt putt golf in a plastic hazmat suit and they’re making the best of it,” he said.