Einstein High brings in baby goats to help students relax

Albert Einstein High School this week brought in baby goats to help students relax amid testing season. Students at the Kensington high school are coping with stress from taking IB, AP and state tests right now, but the 10 goats gave them a welcome break from their work. The Wednesday event was sponsored by the school’s Key Club. [WUSA9]

County transportation officials look to link Metro, MARC stations

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation is seeking ways to connect the Metropolitan Grove MARC station and Shady Grove Metro station. MCDOT is using a $60,000 grant from a program of the National Capitol Region Transportation Planning Board to develop a short-term solution. The transit plan will link the two stations until the Corridor Cities Transitway is funded and completed. [DC Commute Times]

Gaithersburg ride-share driver wins $1.9 million jackpot

A Gaithersburg man with two birth dates played both of them to win a $1.9 million jackpot prize in the Multi-Match drawing. The 79-year-old man said because of a paperwork error, all his vital records for years listed the wrong birth date for him. He’s considered his real and listed birth dates to be lucky and has played both of them in the Maryland Lottery. On May 7, the ride-share driver won a jackpot by using the six lucky numbers. [Maryland Lottery]

Kensington restaurant to hold royal wedding watch party

The DIsh & Dram in Kensington is hosting a royal wedding watch party Saturday and inviting customers to come dressed up. The restaurant will be serving bangers and mash and a traditional British breakfast. There will also be a “best hat” contest and a prince and princess parade for youngsters, who are encouraged to dress up as royals. The restaurant will be giving away a gift certificate to the kid with the best costume. [Montgomery Community Media]

More rain ahead Friday

Showers and thunderstorms are set to continue Friday. Highs will reach about 66 degrees, but temperatures are expected to dip into the upper 50s overnight.

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