Silver Spring residents, organizers and state and county officials will take to Dale Drive near downtown Silver Spring on Sunday to raise awareness about the dangers posed by traffic on the busy road.

The Dale Drive Safety Walk starts at 10:30 a.m. and will follow the road on a circular route from Crosby Road to Luzerne Avenue and back. Joining the event will be County Council members Tom Hucker and George Leventhal, state Delegates Al Carr and Jheanelle Wilkins and directors of county departments.

The stretch of Dale Drive is a recurring site of crashes and an ongoing focus for improved safety by neighborhood residents and county officials. Eleven crashes occurred on a 1-mile stretch of the road last year, according to the Dale Drive Safety Coalition, which is organizing the event.

“Hundreds of residents must walk along or cross Dale Drive to access local churches, businesses, daycares, parks, downtown Silver Spring, and transit,” Corinne Hart, co-chair of the Dale Drive Safety Coalition, said in a statement. “Making matters worse, every weekday morning children line the road waiting for their school buses at several locations. Parents and neighbors report living in fear that a child will be hit by a speeding car while they wait for their school bus.”

The residential road connecting Colesville Road and Georgia Avenue follows a curved route and has no sidewalks or bike lanes. In recent weeks, Montgomery County police have placed radar speed signs that let drivers know what speed they are traveling on the road. Plastic bollards have been placed on both sides of the road near the access point to a path leading to the Woodside Park neighborhood.

The event will be followed by a brunch and a discussion about efforts to improve safety.