Twenty-one seniors at Montgomery County public high schools were named winners of $2,500 National Merit Scholarships, the school system announced Friday.

The students are among 48 in the state who were selected from a pool of 15,000 seniors to receive the one-time scholarships awarded by the National Merit Scholarship Corp. The winners attend Montgomery Blair in Silver Spring, Walt Whitman and Walter Johnson in Bethesda, Winston Churchill in Potomac, Thomas S. Wootton and Richard Montgomery in Rockville and Poolesville High. 

Here are the names of the scholarship recipients and their probable career fields: 

Montgomery Blair High School: George T. Klees, Noah G. Singer and David A. Witten, all computer science; and Katherine J. Wu, applied mathematics;

Winston Churchill High School: Jiawei Bai, international law; Noah Y. Kim, medicine; and Carissa Wu, applied mathematics;

Walt Whitman High School: Joshua A. Engels, computer science;

Walter Johnson High School: Beryl A. Hovis-Afflerbach, astrophysics; Zelin Liu, academia; and Jacob S. Lu, business;

Thomas S. Wootton High School: Trent A. Folk, entrepreneurship;

Poolesville High School: Sreya Vangara, electrical engineering; and

Richard Montgomery High School: Charlotte R. Hirsch, social science; Lucia Y. Jiang and Rachel R. Li, law; Eli J. Strauss-Reis, undecided; Grace M. Wu, business; Vivian Y. Yeh, graphic design; Isabelle Y. Zhou, entrepreneurship; and Kyle K. Zhu, finance.