Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger addresses reporters Monday night after the shooting in Brookeville Credit: via @MCPnews on Twitter

Montgomery County police reported Tuesday that two men and a woman were killed in Monday afternoon’s shooting at a Brookeville home.

Police believe Christopher Wilson Snyder, 41, of 22001 Brown Farm Way, shot all three victims in a search for his wife whom he had held captive over the weekend in their home across the street.

When his wife escaped from his home, Snyder entered a neighbor’s home at 22002 Brown Farm Way, where he killed Mary Ann Olson, 66, who lived there; Danny Lee Murphy, 70, of South Dakota, who was visiting Olson; and Craig Harold Shotwell, 54, of Owings Mills, who was working on Olson’s home.

Three other adults, including Snyder’s wife, were also inside the home at the time of the fatal shooting, but were able to escape unharmed, police said.

Snyder later killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound after fleeing Olson’s home and returning to his own, where police attempted to secure his surrender during several hours of phone negotiations. He shot himself around 11 p.m. shortly after tactical officers forced their way into his residence.

Olson, Murphy and Shotwell were all shot sometime around 3:45 p.m. Monday. Police said they received multiple calls at that time from the people on Brown Farm Way about a domestic situation involving a man with a gun and call takers could hear gunshots in the background of the calls.

When police arrived at 22002 Brown Farm Way—a sprawling single-family home in the rural northeastern portion of Montgomery County—all three victims were found dead.

County police as well as agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are investing the deadly shooting. Investigators said Tuesday the motive remains under investigation but noted that Snyder’s wife told them she had been held against her will by her husband over the weekend and had managed to escape to her neighbor’s home Monday afternoon.

Olson’s sister told The Washington Post that the incident began shortly after Olson allowed Snyder’s wife inside the home to try to help her.

County Police Chief Tom Manger said Monday night that police “had a number of contacts” with Snyder before the shooting “over a number of different issues.” He did not detail what those contacts were, but said police plan to provide more information about them in the future. Manger also said police were not aware of any prior issues between Snyder and the victims.