Clockwise from top left: Roger Berliner, David Blair, Marc Elrich, George Leventhal, Rose Krasnow and Bill Frick. 

Democratic voters will choose from six candidates for county executive when they go to the polls in the June 26 primary. And for the first time in 12 years, there won’t be an incumbent on the ballot: Term limits approved by voters in 2016 prohibited County Executive Ike Leggett from seeking re-election (although he probably wasn’t going to run anyway).

The politics of the candidates—County Councilmembers Roger Berliner, Marc Elrich and George Leventhal; state Del. Bill Frick; former Rockville Mayor Rose Krasnow; and businessman David Blair—range from liberal to very liberal (with Elrich occupying the far left, à la Bernie Sanders). But there are differences in the candidates’ positions on some issues (especially economic development), and in their experience and temperament.

Bethesda Magazine contributing editor Louis Peck recently conducted in-depth interviews with the candidates, exploring their views on and approaches to a wide range of issues facing the county. 

Candidate Interviews:

Roger Berliner 

David Blair 

Marc Elrich 


Bill Frick 

Rose Krasnow 

George Leventhal 


Read the extended versions of the interviews in the Voters Guide.

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