State legislature approves bill to allow voters to decide if all state casino funds should go to education

General Assembly lawmakers Friday night approved a bill that will ask voters to decide whether all of the state’s casino proceeds should be directed to education. Since 2009, about $1.9 billion in casino revenue has gone to uses other than education, according to the state teachers union. The bill will set up a November vote, which if approved, would create a constitutional amendment dictating that the funds go to education. [Washington Post]

General Assembly enters last day of 2018 session

State lawmakers are expected to approve more than a hundred bills Monday that have been debated in the House and Senate over the past three months as lawmakers prepare to adjourn for the year. Significant bills regulating guns and changes to criminal law are expected to be taken up for votes Monday. [Baltimore Sun]

Steny Hoyer takes shot at House speaker

Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer was in Wisconsin last week trying to woo blue-collar voters to support Democrats and he also was thinking about maneuvering for the House Speaker position occupied by Rep. Nancy Pelosi. He told a reporter, “Would I like to be speaker? Of course. Would I be disappointed if it doesn’t happen? No.” [Associated Press]

Ellsworth Place kiosk owner claims his staff was assaulted after closure

David Fogel, the owner of the Bump ‘n Grind coffee kiosk that closed recently at Ellsworth Place mall in downtown Silver Spring, said he closed the shop after staff members were “assaulted over 20 times without adequate support from mall management.” Mall ownership said neither Fogel nor mall management ever reported any incidents to the police and that Fogel failed to pay the lease. [Source of the Spring]

Chance of rain Monday

There’s a chance of rain before 11 a.m. Monday and late at night. The day is expected to be cloudy with a high near 46 degrees and a nighttime low around 38, according to the National Weather Service.

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