Orin Gill Credit: Via Montgomery County police

Updated at 12 p.m. Tuesday: A man allegedly raped a woman on a Metro Red Line train late last month, Metro transit police said Monday.

Metro transit police have obtained an arrest warrant for Orin Gill, 25, of Silver Spring, charging him with second-degree rape for an alleged assault that occurred March 31, according to a police press release.

On that night, at about 10:50, Gill approached and started speaking to a woman in the bus bay of the Rockville Metro station, according to the documents. They had a “cordial conversation” and walked up to the Metro platform. The woman said she was taking the train to Forest Glen, and Gill said he was going in the same direction.

On the platform, Gill began to tickle her, police wrote in the charging documents. She told him to stop and get off her.

They both boarded a Red Line train headed to Glenmont. Few other passengers were on the train, and she later told police that Gill began rubbing her thighs over her pants.

According to the documents, she told him to stop and that she wasn’t interested, but he continued to sexually assault her, touching her beneath her pants and underwear as she again told him to stop several times. He exposed himself before the train reached Medical Center station.

The woman got off at the station and he followed her, according to the documents. He began “imposing himself on her” and pushed her against a pylon on the platform.

When they boarded a train headed back to Shady Grove, the man did not continue assaulting her because the train was full of other passengers, police wrote.

She texted her boyfriend about what had happened, and her boyfriend gave a description of Gill to police. Montgomery County police and Metro transit police arrested Gill as he was following the woman into the bus bay at Shady Grove.

The woman was taken to a hospital for a forensic exam, police said.

In an interview, Gill allegedly told police that he touched her even as she told him to stop, but denied having digitally penetrated her.

According to county court records, Gill remains in custody in Montgomery County on charges of second-degree assault, false imprisonment, fourth-degree sex offense and indecent exposure stemming from the same incident.

Metro police said the warrant for Gill’s arrest on the rape charge has not yet been served, and he “remains in custody on the unrelated warrant charge.”

Metro police also did not immediately answer why they did not make a public notification about the incident until nine days after it occurred.

This story was updated to provide more information on the alleged assault.