Credit: Joe Zimmermann

Kwok Cheung has cooked and served Chinese food for decades in Bethesda, first for 22 years at his China Village and then for another 15 at Shanghai Village.

After this year, he’s ready to call it a day.

“I’ve told everyone, ‘Goodbye, Bethesda!,’ ” Cheung said while working in his restaurant on Monday. “I tell them, don’t complain—I’m tired.”

Nearing 75, Cheung said he’s getting too old for the restaurant business. He said he works long hours seven days a week, cooking, preparing food, washing dishes and “everything else.”

Shanghai Village, at 4929 Bethesda Ave., will close sometime in the winter around the new year, he said. He pointed to problems finding enough employees and the difficulty of operating a business in Bethesda as other reasons for the decision.

He said he has happy memories of running the restaurant, but it’s becoming too difficult to manage.

After Shanghai Village closes, Cheung and his wife, who owns the restaurant with him, will spend time at their home in Rockville. He hasn’t decided yet if he plans to keep working after that, saying it depends on whether he has the energy to do something else.