Screenshot of tracking website Credit: VIA MONTGOMERY COUNTY PLANNING DEPARTMENT

It’s difficult to keep track of the downtown Bethesda development plans that have been pouring in.

But now, local residents have a new tool to help them stay updated.

An online development tracker created by the Montgomery County Planning Department has gone live with information about projects across the downtown area and their cumulative impact. The planning staff worked together with the Implementation Advisory Committee, a 14-member group of residents and property owners, to design the tool for clarity and easy use by the public, stated a Monday press release.

In addition to mapping out various projects, the tool also allows users to figure out how much remaining development can happen in downtown Bethesda. The Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan approved last year by the County Council capped overall development at 32.4 million square feet. Downtown Bethesda today has about 23.3 million square feet of development, and there’s another 3.9 million square feet of approved but unbuilt development, according to the site. That leaves about 5.1 million square feet available to property owners in the downtown area.

As part of the sector plan, staff must also prepare an annual report with updates on Bethesda’s transformation. The site states that the first report will be ready in May. 

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