A car shattered the glass storefront and damaged the interior of Richey & Co. Shoes. Credit: Via Steve Mann/Twitter

A car drove through the glass storefront of a Rockville shoe store on Saturday, injuring two people in the vehicle and damaging much of the shop.

The car crashed into Richey & Co. Shoes at 1643 Rockville Pike near Twinbrook at about 6 p.m. Saturday.

A manager at the store said Monday that a man and his wife were in the car. Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service spokesman Pete Piringer said Monday the two people suffered minor injuries.

There were two employees and a customer in the store at the time, but they were not hit by the car or injured, according to the manager, who would not provide his name.

Piringer said he didn’t have information about how the crash occurred.

The store remains closed Monday, but the manager said staff hopes to reopen Tuesday.