Redwood at 7121 Bethesda Lane. Credit: Joe Zimmermann

Just shy of four months after a burst pipe caused Redwood to close, the Bethesda Row restaurant shows no sign of reopening anytime soon.

Owner Jared Rager did not reply to requests for comment this week about the status of the American-style restaurant.

Redwood, which occupies a long stretch of pedestrian-only Bethesda Lane, closed after flooding damage on New Year’s Day. Rager initially planned to reopen the restaurant the week after that incident. In mid-January, he told Bethesda Beat the damage was “pretty extensive” and he didn’t know when he could reopen.

The flooding occurred when the restaurant was closed for the holiday. Rager said in January it damaged the water heater, electrical equipment and flooring.

The restaurant still has tables and chairs inside, though the flooring appears to have been torn up. A paper sign had been posted on the door earlier this year advising passersby that the restaurant would reopen soon. That sign is no longer posted.